Tech Data HK and China’s Great Firewall

A Hong Kong-based company is set to start a pilot scheme next month that will allow its clients in the banking, credit referencing and healthcare sectors to bypass China’s Great Firewall. This will enable them to access scientific data from across the country, and could lead to broader cross-border collaboration between companies in the region.

The PCPD has published its guidance on cross-border data transfer and recommended model clauses that should be included in contracts dealing with personal data transfers. This is intended as a guide for voluntary compliance. However, we expect that it will become increasingly common for businesses to be required to agree to these provisions as a condition of the importation of personal data from some EEA jurisdictions.

It is also likely that a growing number of businesses will have to contribute to transfer impact assessments conducted by the EEA authorities in respect of the personal data that they export to them from the EEA. These assessments will often require them to agree to the aforementioned recommended model clauses and to undertake a review of their data protection practices in light of these.

A key issue in this context is how a business that is a data user in Hong Kong fulfils its obligations under the PDPO when it exports personal data to another jurisdiction. A data user is defined as a person who, alone or jointly and in common with other persons, controls the collection, holding, processing or use of personal data (DPP 1). If a business is a data user in Hong Kong, then it must fulfil a range of statutory obligations in respect of the six DPPs that form core data obligations under privacy law in Hong Kong.

Therefore, it is important that businesses understand how their responsibilities are affected by the fact that they export data overseas. This will help them to make informed decisions about how to protect their personal data in these circumstances.

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