Investing in Data Governance in Hong Kong

Hong Kong data centers are business hubs for numerous companies. They contain dense concentrations of enterprises, networks, IT and cloud infrastructure, making them an ideal place to house your data. However, you should not overlook security and compliance issues when selecting a data center location. To ensure your data is safe, you should choose a secure network that is connected to a trusted Internet Service Provider (ISP). You should also consider a location that provides high power density. This will increase your data’s resilience and security against outages.

A good ISP will comply with legal requests for your data from local law enforcement agencies in accordance with Hong Kong laws. This means that your ISP will share your personal information with a government agency, such as the police or the Securities and Futures Commission, when necessary for national security or other legitimate purposes.

The personal data of a person in Hong Kong is protected under the Hong Kong Personal Data Protection Ordinance, which prohibits disclosure of this information without the person’s consent or for a new purpose that has not been notified to the person. The PDPO lists certain grounds that a data user may rely on as a defense to a request for personal information.

Investing in data governance is essential to achieving the business value of your information assets. To do so, you need to identify and appoint key roles that support data governance. Ideally, these roles are a mix of business and IT experts. They can translate how your data governance framework affects business processes and decisions. This helps ensure that all stakeholders understand how their information will be used and how it will be managed. They can also be the primary point of escalation to the executive sponsor and steering committee.

A data governance leader coordinates tasks for data stewards and helps communicate decisions made by them. They can also drive ongoing data audits and metrics that assess program success and ROI. They should be a highly-experienced business analyst who can act as a bridge between the business and IT. Senior data and enterprise architects and business systems analysts are strong candidates for this role.

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