Hong Kong Hotels With Amazing Pools

Hong Kong is a city that’s full of gorgeous hotel pools. While public and government-run pools can be fun to visit, it’s definitely a lot more enjoyable to lounge around in your swimsuit with a cocktail in hand at a pool that offers amazing city views! And that’s exactly what you can do at these Hong Kong hotels with gorgeous hotel pools.

Aside from soaking up the summer sunshine, these Hong Kong hotel pools also provide top-notch facilities, amazing views, and even delicious food options for you to enjoy. So if you’re planning on visiting HK anytime soon, make sure to include a few of these stunning hotel pools in your itinerary!

Whether you’re looking for an infinity pool or a relaxing jacuzzi, these pools are just what you need. Plus, these pools are surrounded by breathtaking views that you won’t find anywhere else! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and plan your trip to one of these HK hotels with amazing pool and book your staycation right away!

One of the most famous and beautiful hotel pools in hk is located at Hotel Indigo. This pool is actually a glass-bottomed pool that lets you look down below at the streets of the city. You can also relax on a deck chair or lounge bed while sipping on a refreshing drink!

Another great pool is the one found at Sense Hotel. This pool is a little smaller than some of the others but it’s just as beautiful. This pool is perfect for couples who want to spend some quality time together without any distractions. You can also enjoy a meal by the pool and soak up the view of the Victoria Harbour and the iconic skyline of Hong Kong.

The only downside of this pool is that it’s only open to hotel guests. But that’s not to say that you can’t enjoy it if you’re not staying at the hotel!

K11 Artus Hong Kong has an outdoor pool that’s perfect for lap swimming and it comes with a sun deck, exotic Balinese stone, and luscious snacks and drinks. Definitely not to be missed this summer!

For those looking for something a bit more adventurous, check out Hotel Indigo’s rooftop pool. This pool is a glass-bottomed pool that’s actually located right at the edge of the building! So if you’re up for some thrills, come check this one out!

Another cool thing about this pool is that it’s connected to the hotel gym, so you can work up a sweat before or after your swim. When you enter the pool, you will be asked to take off your shoes and wear the slippers provided by the hotel. This is so that you don’t damage the pool floor.